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Top 10 Best Baby Toys 0-6 Months in 2020 – [ Ultimate Guide]

Best baby toys 0-6 months can do so much, much more than a distraction. Research has been done by the Morgridge Institute that shows the correct to can help your baby to gain knowledge in so many various ways. In essence, it can help them to learn they are excellent motor skills, gain their coordination, and speed up their imagination process. Research also shows that toys will give the best bonding ways to the babies as well. Hence, the study has done the American Academy Pediatrics, which shows you are playing your children and will be a good bonding between you and your child.

Do newborn babies need toys? 

Naturally, a newborn will not need toys, because sleeping and eating is the main thing for a newborn baby. But a three-month baby, many of you will see their babies, Wake up and become friendlier to the environment around them; this will be an excellent time to introduce the best baby toys 0-6 months to help them with the basics development stages that will keep them busy for a few hours.

So here we have listed some of the best baby toys 0-6 months that will help you to get for your babies.

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What are the Products for the best baby toys 0-6 months?

1. Swim School Sparky

Shark Fabric Baby Pool Float 1

Featuring first on the list is swim school sparky. This toy introduces the baby to the water in a loving and fun baby shark bath toys floating. The baby boat features have a very comfortable place and an open area to play as well. These will give stability to the water. It is very adjustable and has a Dual Air chamber. It will be easy for you to fold it and use it again. Please do not use it if your baby is not sitting correctly. It comes in Grey color. You will have to rinse it after using it and dry it properly.

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2. VATOS Tummy Time Water Mat

Baby Toys for 3 6 9 Months

Up next on the list is water mate from the VATOS brand. It is filling a water play mat with liquid inside. A baby can lie on his/her belly for tummy time; they can also sit on the water tummy time mar or relax on their back like a water mattress. The background and the images are really colorful and well created. Tummy time can be hard for any babies as they will not like being on their stomachs. Any baby will get happy for minutes. These are perfect sensory toys for Infant baby 3 months to 9 months.  It will not make your baby feel cold at all times, and this is the best baby toys.

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3. The Underground Toys Star Wars 9

Underground Toys Star Wars 9

The next on the list of top 10 best baby toys for 0 to 6 months is The Underground Toys Star Wars.  This will not smell bad. When a baby presses his tummy, you will see Jawa’s Eyes light up, and then the baby will hear him say ‘Utini. These are the best baby Yoda toy that is very huggable; this is suitable for any age so that any baby will laugh and will enjoy playing with this. It comes in different colors as well, and it speaks very fast.

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4. Baby Einstein Octopus Musical Toy

Best Baby Toys 0-6 Months

There is no age for music. Your baby will can listen to their inner music with this essential classical music. It is with two switches, and one is the cooperative mode, your baby will be able to create their music as they will add more or lessen it. You will need to tap on a button so that you can hear various types of music and sounds for your baby to listen to. Your baby will be active when he does his tummy time, this will make him/her concentrate, and the music is Octopus Orchestra musical toy with all the accurate notes for your baby. These babies Einstein toys will make your baby stay stable during tummy time.

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5. HOMOFY Baby Toys Musical Learning Table 6 Months Up

Best Baby Toys

 This is one good toy that can make your baby busy. It has so many colorful images and a magical tone so that your baby will be more focused on that to learn. Your child will listen to the sounds, songs, the instruments. These will help your baby to develop their memory skills and learn the rhythms and the language. These will surely help your baby to have excellent fine motor skills, play creative, colors, shapes, and animals. It has different colorful instruments and buttons for various songs, tunes, and some responses to learn. This music table can be next to your baby cot as they sleep.

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6. Lamaze Freddie The Firefly

Lamaze Freddie The Firefly

The next on the list is Lamaze Freddie Firefly. This toy will keep your baby busy for hours. This bug has a soft body with colorful patterns and textures to learn the senses. The mirror play will help your baby to concentrate on the track pictures and learn the face; it will make your baby listen to the clacking rings so that your baby will have auditory senses.  Lamaze Freddie has a ladybug tethered and knotted antennae for your baby to chew when they are teething. Where ever you are going with your baby, it will be easy to attach this in the car seat, strollers, and high chairs.

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7. Mini Tudou Baby Blocks Soft Building Blocks Baby

Mini Tudou Baby Blocks Soft Building Blocks Baby Toys

Featuring next on the list is 12 soft building blocks for babies that include teethers, of different shapes incorporating animal shapes. These are the perfect Boss baby Toys for kids who are six years onwards. This toy will let your child learn addition, subtraction, and the signs on the baby building blocks. They created with animals, shapes, geometrical patterns, fruits, and numbers on each side of the building blocks. Your baby can match blocks together, and that will help with the excellent motor skills to let them hold tightly and also cognitive skills to make your baby see the shapes and match them accordingly. These are very safe for babies who are teething to put it in their mouth as they are soft.

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8. Lamaze Mortimer The Moose

Lamaze Mortimer The Moose

 This Mortimer moose is colorful, it is Satin, knottier legs and various textures on the hooves with fun crinkles and jingles. These will help your baby to recognize their senses. These will keep your baby busy for hours with different kinds of colors, sounds. The Mortimer antlers are ropes so that your baby can chew it. They will make a squeaking noise when your baby squeezes him. These can take anywhere you are going so that your baby can rattle, squeak, and crunch it where ever you are.

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9. Jacoby Musical Caterpillar Toy

Jcobay Musical Caterpillar Toy

Up next on the list is musical interactive soft toy for infant of the Jcobay brand. This caterpillar is a friendly toy. It is soft, colorful, beautiful designs that will enhance your baby’s excellent motor skills, visual tracking, object manipulation, and hearing skills. It has a bright body and feet so that the little one can play shake and hug it. When you press it in the middle,it will make a cute squeaking sound. Your baby will have fun with this when itis his/her tummy time. The tail of this is beautiful bright bells. Your baby will be glued to this, as it will improve their hearing skills.

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10. VTechTummy Time Discovery Pillow

Best Baby Toys 0-6 Months a

This toy will make your baby excited, which includes storybooks, tethers so that your baby can chew and hug as well. They will help your child to sing songs and make him/her speak their first word as an early sign of vocabulary. It will also be helpful pretend play, and that will be social skills so that your baby will feel safe with this. These can also improve excellent motor skills when your baby is pressing the buttons. 

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 Final Talk

 Toys are necessary for your kids as they will learn from it. They will use their excellent motor skills to gain knowledge from that and enjoy it when they do tummy time. You can buy these toys from Amazon at a reasonable price. So, your child can enjoy the toy and spend time with it for hours.  So, new mommies let’s be stress-free and do your work peacefully as the above-discussed the best baby toys 0-6 months will keep your baby busy and safe.

If you feel we forgot to mention any toy in this list you can share your views in a comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

Happy Shopping!

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