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Fidget Cube: What They Are, How They Work and How good for anxiety?

Do you feel like removing your stress and anxiety? Fidget cube would be the best choice for this. This magic small cube has a lot of capabilities such as removing stress, improving concentration, and kicking your boredom out. 

Fidget cube doesn’t make a big play area as it comes in a small and compact size that can easily fit in your pocket. You can easily carry it to any place and can use it while you are traveling, having a meeting, or sitting in a room. There are different types of fidget cubes available in the market with amazing colors such as black fidget cube, red fidget cube, green fidget cube, and many more.

We know that you might be thinking a lot about this like is it good to use fidget cube? Does it add load on to my budget i.e is it expensive? Does it really remove anxiety? No need to rush, we’ll be handling all your questions in the flow so just tight and go through the streamline information.

What is a fidget cube used for?

Most people have a habit of fidgeting with objects such as stress balls, pens, rubber bands, and many other things. People used to fidget while working on a task, thinking of something, or sitting in a lecture.

These are the time when people are usually stressed or bored out. Here comes the role of a fidget cube which makes it easy for them to remove stress.

Fidget cubes are small and easy to carry playful stuff which people use it mainly for stress bursting. Focusing and concentrating on work is one of best use if fidget cube. 

People also consider it as playful stuff and feel like using it in their free time to remove their boredom.

According to recent research by New York University, people who fidget with objects say that it helps them in working more efficiently. 

What is a fidget cube and how does it work?

The fidget cube is a six-sided cube which is having different playing elements on each side. It has sensory tools on all sides such as a switch, a metal ball that can be rolled, a spinning disk, a small plastic joystick, an anxiety reliever i.e worry stone, and fidgeting 5 buttons.

This cube was first designed in 2012 by brothers Mark and Matthew Mclachlan, who co-founded their own design studio in colorado and named it Antsy Labs.

Fidget cube comes in different styling colors i.e aqua, berry, dice, retro, sunset, graphite, midnight, and many more. 

Some Examples:

As mentioned Fidget cube has 6 sides each having their own function such as –

1. Spin – It is a rotating dial that is having a small indentation to make an easy spin with a small clicking sound.

2. Click – There are 5 buttons on one of the sides of the cube. Three buttons make makes an audible click and the other two buttons are silenced for sneaking fidgeting.

3. Roll – There are a metallic ball and three ridged tactile gear which can be easily rotated giving quiet and loud fidgeting.

4. Glide – You get an option to glide smoothly over the surface with the help of a joystick which gives the same feel as of gaming pads.

5. Flip – A rocker provided on one side can be switched on and off quickly and making a sound of a click.

6. Breathe – an oval-shaped anxiety-relieving is provided which got its concept from ancient worry stone.

Fidgeting is claimed to be working effectively among various sections of societies. When a person is fidgeting with cube then it creates extra sensory-motor input that develops a sensation in the body, which allows your brain to engage properly and helps in gaining more focus in the main activity that an individual is performing.

The main idea behind using a fidget is to distract part of our brain from boredom and enabling it to pay better attention to our primary work.

Are fidget cubes good for anxiety?

A very addictive and easy to carry fidget cubes can be used at any place such as school, office, work and at home. People tend to fidget with pen clicks and to your surprise, it has quite an effective result on the individual performance.

Fidget cubes are not just a toy rather it’s a toy having medical advantages. It is used by people who are suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, autism, etc. It helps them in controlling their anxiety and calm down the user.

From a recent study, it has been found that fidgeting with gadgets helps to keep hands busy and provide a distraction. It also helps people in fighting with their mental stress and supports them in recovering from it.

How much money are fidget cubes?

Each fidget cubes comes with different pricing and different built-in quality. If you are looking for high-quality fidget then it will be charging a high price and on the other side if you can compromise on the quality then you can easily get an affordable fidget that doesn’t hamper your pocket.

As the cube is a stress buster and anxiety reliever so people don’t look for pricing but still roughly you can get good fidget cube within the price range $5 – $10 USD. But when looking for high-end fidget cube then it might charge you 8 – 15 USD depending on quality and durability factor.

What is a twiddle cube?

Twiddle cube are the new and improvised designs of stress buster devices. It is similar to fidget cube but it is an upgrade version of it. We can also say that it is a type of fidget which comes with new and different widgets like from a turn lever to sliders to clicking buttons and pushing buttons, to a little scrolling wheel. 

twiddle cube

It is made in such a way that it keeps your fingers occupied and makes it easy for you to fiddle around and bring your better concentration in work.

To Finish Off

In a nutshell, if you want to calm your anxious mind and be more productive then these fidget cubes are the perfect choice for it.

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