Fidget Toys for Adults with Anxiety

Best 13 Fidget Toys for Adults with Anxiety – Calm Your Nerves

Fidgeting is not only the realm of children. Plenty of adults have found themselves repetitively clicking a pen, tapping toe or finger in the middle of an important business meeting. Doing these are more than enough to annoy everyone else present in the meeting room. It is because of the excess energy that you are having. Well, thanks to those new vitamins you have been taking or all this is happening because you are stressed to the nth degree.

Whatever the reason, a fidget toy can calm and distract your nerves. So, you can be more productive at work. These days, fidget toys are very popular and used by adults as a way to increase focus, reduce restlessness and control anxiety. 

13 Fidget Toys for Adults with Anxiety

Are you curious to give them a try? We have rounded up here 13 well-reviewed best fidget toys for anxiety.

#1The Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinner for Adults and Kids

The fidget spinner is the first one to come in mind when someone talks about fidget toys. This fidget spinner spins on a table or in your hand for up to five to six minutes. But, many of them require breaking in before they reach peak performance. You can easily buy this fidget spinner on Amazon.

#2Mini Rubik’s Cube

Mini Pocket Speed Cube Key Ring Keyring Puzzle Fidget Toy

Do you love to solve the puzzle? If yes, then this Rubik cube will hit the spot. This mini Rubik cube may require a little more involvement than other fidget toys, but it is all worth it because it beats the stress and anxiety. You can easily purchase it online. READ IT

#3Flippy Chain

The flippy chain made of clean bike chains and it is very useful. This fidget toy can easily fit in your pocket and includes silicone bands for additional texture. You can put it on a keychain to avoid losing it. To buy it online, visit this Amazon link.

#4Infinity Cube

Infinity Cube prime for Stress and Anxiety relief ADHD

This cube consists of 8 similar cubes that you can rotate to create different shapes and configurations. As per reviews, this infinity cube has enough weight to give it a sturdy feel but all that without being heavy. This cube is not ideal for a very quiet environment as it can make a small amount of noise. Buy it online on Amazon.

#5Fidget Pen

Fidget Pen

Fidget pen is a toy that actually helps you get your work done. Think Ink manufacture fidget pen which is a product of an enthusiastic-backed kick starter. It contains lots of fidgeting functions in a single well-designed package. You can buy it online from this link.

#6Useless Box

This fidget toy is not a traditional fidget toy. It is something different. It offers a distraction from distressing and upsetting thoughts. You can use it by flipping the switch on. Then wait for the box to turn itself off. Are you thinking about where to buy it? Do visit this link.

#7Mobius Fidget Ball

Mobius Fidget Ball

This ball is not a usual boll but it is made up of interlocking rings together in the rough shape of a ball. This is what makes it perfect for fidgeting. This fidget ball is really small and pretty circumspect.  It can offer you a calming effect. You can buy it on Amazon.

 #8Sterling Silver Fidget Ring

Sterling Silver Fidget Spinner Anxiety Ring for Women

When it comes to fidget rings, you can find spinner rings in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors. Usually, people like this sterling silver fidget ring, because of its versatile, unisex style and reasonable price. As it is made up of sterling silver, it will not turn your finger green after wearing it a few days. Visit this link to purchase it online.

#9- Adult Play Dough

Adult Play Dough

It is also known as stress relief dough. This adult play dough is the same as the stuff you played with when you were a kid. But, it usually comes in more neutral colors and essential oils. For anxiety, you can try this play dough.

#10- Chewable Necklace

Chewable Necklace

Some adults may chew things incorporating pen caps, fingers, and shirt collars when they feel anxious. This offers some sensory input that can help you in calming yourself. This chewable necklace is a completely discrete option that you can use it anywhere.  You can buy this necklace online on Amazon.


Tangle fidget toy

It is also a very popular fidget toy. It is suitable for quiet environments as it does not make any noise. It incorporates connected curving pieces. So, you can reshape, take apart, twist it, and put together. This toy can promote relaxation and stress relief in adults. To purchase it online, click on this link.

#12The Roller Chain Fidget Toy Stress Reducer

The Roller Chain Fidget Toy Stress Reducer

This fidget toy is perfect for the workplace because it lets a person fidget quietly and unobtrusively. You can fiddle away with under your table and no one will ever know it is there. This roller chain is about an inch in size. So, it is difficult for anyone with large hands or fingers to handle. You can buy this amazing fidget toy online on Amazon. To purchase it, click on this link.

#13DIY Fidget Toys for Anxiety

DIY Fidget Toys for Anxiety

If you do not want to spend any single penny on a fidget toy, do not worry – you can easily make one from home. There are various sites such as YouTube, Pinterest, and many more where you can find different DIY toys to help with your anxiety so give it a shot. READ IT


When you feel you are anxious and stressed, fidget toys can be a handy thing for you to channel your jitters. Of course, you can have some debate over how well they work, but there is no scientific evidence that fidget toys for anxiety will make your symptoms worse. So, presented above 12 fidget toys are worth a shot if you are interested in them.

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