Where Can I Buy a Fidget Spinner

Where Can I Buy a Fidget Spinner 2020? Everything You Need To Know

Fidget Spinners are used for spinning purpose, they spin to entertain, to start conversations and to perform tricks. These were marketed as a spinner fidget toy for kids. These devices are much more than just toys. There are three soft points that operate on ball-bearing while spinning. It can help your hands while they are busy doing some other tasks. You can also just simply play with spinner fidget when you are bored. You can also receive free fidget spinner with many products, especially wafers and other eatables. This device is also beneficial psychologically, given below are the few benefits of the Fidget Spinners.

4 Benefits of Fidget Spinners


ADHD means Attention deficit hyperactive disorder. This mostly affects many school-aged children and so people only concentrate on the children but they do not understand the fact that this can also happen to an adult. Even adults need a solution to prevent them from this. Apart from medicines, fidget spinner can also be useful for better concentration, coping mechanisms, and work performance.

Greater Focus

This device had a great marketing technique. This device not only used for playing purpose but it also helps to increase concentration. This little gadget will not only improve your concentration at work but also improve your creativity because both creativity and focus depend on each other.

Autism Coping Mechanism

Anybody facing this will always face issues with numbers. They will not understand or remember numbers. This can happen to anybody in your surroundings, your kid or your relatives or maybe your friends. If they are facing this they can be treated by calming themselves down keeping them focused and consistent with the help of fidget spinner. It will help them to calm down in complicated situations and help in focusing their energy on something thrilling.

Anxiety Relief

If you have constant anxiety then it is something you need to worry about. Anything constant is not good as it will give constant worry. It is better to get a constant habit of playing with Fidget spinner. This will help you in focusing on the movement and colors which helps your mind in relaxation and helps to concentrate on any item which doesn’t come with negative qualities.

Types of fidget spinners

After knowing the benefits of the Fidget spinner you may also want to know its types. Here are the types of fidget spinners.

Pure Function

These are basic and it comes with a simple feature of spinning. These types do not come with any licensing for popular brands. They are very much cost-efficient and it can spin quite well. They are very smooth in spinning.


There are interesting fidget spinners that make outstanding decorations. Many of them display designs from iconic book series, movies and also from television. They also make brilliant decorations for your desk which can be used when bored.

Light Up

These spinners are those spinners that have LED lights. Few of them are also programmable via a micro USB connection; this can help you in creating your design. These Fidget spinners are usually used for starting any conversation or for dragging the attention. They provide such functions and they are flashy.

 Where Can I Buy a Fidget Spinner?

If you want to know the best Fidget spinner for buying then have a look at the given list below

1.Trianium Brand Black Metal Fidget Spinner

Trianium Brand Black Metal Fidget Spinner

These devices are 100% crafted with metal-alloy blends. Fidget spinner metal is very simple and easier to spin and to flick. It is also easy to perform tricks with this device. The steel ball bearings give you flawless movement without jamming up. The red and the black design are attention-grabbing during the motion. 

Brand –   Trianium

Weight-   1.44 ounces

2. The Chunk by Stealth Fidget Spinners

This Fidget Spinner is a pure piece with the functions. This device has features such as silent operations and it spins for 3to 5 minutes of duration. It also gives a 100% “Happiness Guarantee”. This guarantee is given by the manufacturer itself. This type of fidget spinner comes with a brushed stainless steel finish. It is nicely classified as a micro spinner.

Brand – Stealth Fidget Spinners

Weight – 1.9 ounces

3. Infinity carbon i7 Fidget Spinner

Infinity carbon i7 Fidget Spinner

If you are looking for the perfect design then this spinner is for you. This spinner is crafted from smooth and black carbon. It can form into any kind of style you wish to. It is also ergonomic and compact enough to fit in any size of the pocket of your coat or jeans. The duration time of its spinning is of 5 minutes. It keeps rotating for a constant 5 minutes without spotting in between.

Brand –Infinity Fidget Spinners

Weight – 2.4 ounces

4. Original Dragon Spinner

Original Dragon Spinner

This one is used for a conversation piece and it is a desk piece. This spinner is an epic fun in one package. This four-pronged spinner goes opposite the grain. This spinner is an all-metal body with boosted bearings for most favourable spinning capabilities melt away your stress and look incredible. It is a bit heavy as it has more weight as compared to other spinners. It fits inside of its custom case for shelf showcase during the time you don’t need it. 

Brand– Dragon Spinners

Weight – 4 ounces

5. Nubarko Fidget Toy

Nubarko Fidget Toy

This spinner looks like it just came out of Marvel movie. It has Ceramic stainless steel hybrid qualities. It also has an exclusive design and it looks very attractive when it spins.

Brand- Nubarko

Weight – 3.04 ounces

Winding Up

This was the information about the fidget spinners. If you were not aware of the Fidget spinners then after reading this blog you might be now aware of it and you also know its benefits and also its types. Its types will let you know about the fidget spinners a little more in detail. If you wish to buy fidget spinner then you can buy it from best sites such as Amazon. You can buy the best fidget spinner from the fidget spinner Amazon

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